Homebrew, OpenSSL and PowerShell

On Mac, PowerShell really, really wants to specifically use OpenSSL version 1.0. Unfortunately, homebrew switched to OpenSSL version 1.1 in v2.2, because OpenSSL 1.0 is end-of-life. This fixes it (for now at least): brew uninstall openssl –ignore-dependencies brew uninstall openssl –ignore-dependencies brew install References: My comment on GitHub


Powershell, O365 & Teams PSTN calling

Unfortunately you need a Windows system to administer Office 365 with PowerShell. It’s only API calls, but it’s not (yet, hopefully) migrated to .NET Core. So Mac & Linux users are out of luck, although .NET Core should be more than capable to do this. Anyhow. If you want to administer Teams with PowerShell, you […]