Business Life

Fail early, fail often. (yes there’s some humor in here. if you don’t get it, well … you don’t ­čÖé

Leiter Zentrale Dienste IT Architektur, Paracelsus Kliniken

10/2018 – present, employment

Trying to push a recently bankrupt chain of hospitals into the year 2020, IT-wise. Learning project management, more team things, and how crappy challenging the health IT sector really is (everybody sells 2005 tech for the price of 2025).

Team lead operations, Cognotekt GmbH

11/2015 – 08/2018, freelance than employment

Trying to lead a small DevOps team in a very unique startup while learning what DevOps is, or should be, or could be, while doing basically everything wrong. First time team leading and having fun. Happily riding the Docker train and ranching the kube.

Infrastructure expert, Amadeus Data Processing GmbH, Erding

03/2015 – 09/2015, freelance work

Hired as Puppet expert, writing shell scripts all day. Leaving early cause I wanted to do Puppet not bash. Started loving Wei├čwurst, and the international setup of the company. Almost everyone was from somewhere else (and sometimes he or she was somewhere else), and it worked.

Puppet expert, Deutsche Verm├Âgensberatung AG, Frankfurt

06/2013 – 11/2014, freelance work

Reengineering the puppet stack for the whole data center with a colleague. Took over a project for improving dev and ops cooperation. Failed, cause it seemed nobody actually wanted that. Or maybe I just sucked. Loved the data center part, though. An actual fully grown data center waiting to be fully automated, awesome playground.

System Administrator, Bundesagentur f├╝r Arbeit, Nuremberg

06/2012 – 05/2013, freelance work

Hacking my own systems cause I just wanted to get some work done. Getting almost fired for doing so. Learned puppet, and how public institutions work. Pretty much hated everything about the job. Well, it taught me Puppet. Enough, at least.

ATPL license, FlightCrew Academy, Frankfurt

Learning to fly. Failing to get a job after. Now stuck with one of the most useless hobbies you can have. But loved every second of airtime. Also wrote a UX improvement browser plugin for the super crappy test-training system we had to use. It was still used years later.

Trainer for nuclear safety sytems, AREVA GmbH, Offenbach

Teaching the internal Python framework & library to the people designing the power plant’s safety systems. Learing a lot about nuclear power. Leaving cause nuclear power is more regulated than everything there is – don’t expect to order a pen without having 5 (!) separate project numbers. Loved the training part though, and I am now completely fine with German-built nuclear power plants.

Java Software Developer, ICW AG, Walldorf

Trying to make sense of Gematik documentation. Utterly failing. Still insisting it’s not my fault, happily willing to defend that. Leaving cause at some point I lost faith in the business model, and learned Java during the process (well, at least some …).