Project DVAG

The DVAG OPS team started automating their data center using Puppet. Now the people doing it lacked the time and knowledge to do it properly, and also lacked the time to build the skills needed.

I was hired to build “v2” of the whole puppet stack.

The task basically was to …

  • build a data center puppet infrastructure based on the foreman
  • build a testing infrastructure for puppet roles (sole responsibility of my colleague Vlad, who did an amazing job)
  • build puppet roles for every (major) host there is
  • work on implementing a new ops concept in cooperation with the dev department


  • DevOps is a thing, which you realize when you have three (!) departments taking care of building software. Dev, Integration (black magic, basically), then Ops.
  • Puppet is awesome, yet you still trade in one complexity (braindead copy-paste deployments) for another (maintaining puppet infrastructure)
  • Communication is key. I saw several internal projects failing because of that. Me complaining about it got my contract not extended.