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    Mac three finger gestures in browsers 

    Well, I *love* my three-finger-jump-to-top gesture in Firefox. It was gone.

    It took me about 2h to get it back by googling. And I blog so I don’t forget.

    Here’s where I should look next time straight away: System setting – Trackpad – rightmost tab – first setting.

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    CUPS is … weird 

    CUPS is the printing system developed by Apple which is now also in use on pretty much every other Linux / Unix / *BSD box there is. Unfortunately, the process of managing printers is way more painful than the process on Arch Linux. At least with my setup, which is i3 running in a weirdly crippled GNOME session.

    This is what you have to do to get CUPS working on your machine:

    The magic is line 2 – adding your user to the sys group. If you don’t do this, you won’t be able to use the web interface at all. Which is a shame, since then you can’t do anything useful (install printers, manage jobs, etc …).

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    Syntax highlighting with wordpress 

    This is just a test for syntax highlighting. Which I really really really wanted to have. Even if it’s WordPress and not something cool like hugo.

    So, let’s try:

    That doesn’t look so bad, right?

    How to do this

    • install the crayon syntax highlight plugin
    • when writing posts, your toolbar will have a new icon looking like this: <>
    • press it, and an “add code” dialog will open
    • do your thing
    • save
    • done



    • I don’t know which JS engine this thing uses (if any public one in particular)
    • I like highlight.js

    (So, none really)

    Alternative plugins (untested)

    To be honest, the only real contender in installation base and features seems to be Syntax Highlighter Evolved. I have not tried it, but if you don’t like crayon, that looks like the one to go.

  • penguin 11:27 on 2016-01-29 Permalink | Reply
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    Really annoying thread properties 

    This sucks monkey ass, mainly because I didn’t think of that before. And that’s just one example why multi-threaded (soon to be -processing, probably) applications are hard.

    [code]import subprocess as sp
    import time
    import os
    from threading import Thread

    class MyThread(Thread):

    def __init__(self, mydir):
    self.mydir = mydir

    def run(self):
    print("I’m (%s) in directory %s"
    % (str(self), os.getcwd()))

    if __name__ == "__main__":

    Result is:

    [code]I’m (<MyThread(Thread-1, started 140195858716416)>) in directory /
    I’m (<MyThread(Thread-2, started 140195850323712)>) in directory /[/code]

  • penguin 17:32 on 2015-12-25 Permalink | Reply  

    Mac software essentials 

    Well, after the Firefox Essentials, here’s my list of Mac essentials:

  • penguin 10:43 on 2015-12-07 Permalink | Reply
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    CI / CD solutions 

    Everyone wants free candy. Or a CI/CD solution, that …

    • auto-deploys container-based servcies
    • auto-updates (roll-forward, roll-back) those services on keypress and “triggers”
    • has one-click-deployment of services.

    My definition of “service” here is “A set of containers working together in a certain way, automatically load balanced where needed”. Example: A n worker nodes, loadbalanced from a web endpoint, and a database container. All deployed at the same time. Including one-click-deployment of environments (“Oh, I’d like to test this revision again, let’s deploy it quickly”…). Note that this is mostly CD (continuous deployment), cause CI is being done for a while now with – mostly – Jenins and other tools.

    What I have found so far that seems to satisfy those requirements:

    And the service-only solutions without a tools tack which you can deploy locally:

    This is kinda it. I would love to evaluate  all those tools, but most of are not really AWS-deploy-friendly, and in the Shippable and Tectonic case they are paid full stack services without local (cloud-owned) deployment anyway. And most are in beta. But the scenery is becoming interesting …

    I will try to post my findings here, as well as the final choice I made for my current client, along with the reasons.

    And for now: Mesosphere and Rancher looks really cool. And I mean “looks” – the UI is just pleasing (which is the most important selection criteria, I know 😉

    Update 2015-12-10: Added Vamp, Kubernetes

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    InsufficientCapabilities on AWS 

    New project. I can play around as much as I want, as long as on day X I am done.

    Really frightening, and really cool.

    Anyway, first operation: Create a bunch of S3 buckets and IAM roles to interface with them. Which is kinda not-so-easy.

    Beacause when you create IAM capabilities with cloudformation, you get this error:

    … which is a fancy way of saying “do this”:

    … which you don’t really find easily with google. Or everybody knows, but me. Gnaah.

  • penguin 06:44 on 2015-06-23 Permalink | Reply
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    OpenStack IPs, part II 

    Just a short one. Now that I can list IPs (see last post), it might be nice to associate them on the command line, too. First I wanted to extend the little script, but then I remembered there must already be a CLI way for this.

    And there is.

    (Note: The floating-ip is the actual IP, not the UUID of the OpenStack floating IP)


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    LibreOffice tables 

    Filed my first LibreOffice bugs. And I must say: A free and open source word processor with an open doucment format is desperately needed, but one that actually works. LibreOffice is really … well, bad looking and playing catch-up with “the other”, and crashing really way too often for my taste.

    And while working with a lot of tables (which is a pain in the ass with LO) I found three bugs. And on one bug even the LO team agrees that it’s a major one 🙂 .

    To be honest, I think the autoformat was never really used by anyone, it’s that crappy.

    Custom table autoformat ignores background colors under certain circumstances
    Font STYLES for Table Headers are not copied when defining auto table format
    Table Autoformat: Allow to select if “SUM” line is present for auto format

  • penguin 16:36 on 2015-06-19 Permalink | Reply
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    Microsoft Code and Typescript 

    So being on the enterJS conference I wanted to get started with JavaScript. And TypeScript seems really promising. And once again I stumbled over the DIW pattern – Download, Install, Weird error messages.

    So, here’s my take on how to get started.

    I wanted …

    •  to try node-hid to see my USB HID devices, using TypeScript, Microsoft Visual Studio Code, and Node.js.

    So here’s how to get it to work:

    Fire up Code, and “open” the project directory “my_project_dir”.

    Press “CMD-SHIFT-P” (probably CTRL-SHIFT on non-OSX machines) and search for “Configure task runner”. Here you use this configuration:

    Then create a new file called “test.ts”, with the following content:

    Now if you press “CMD-SHIFT-B” this should compile and create a file called “test.js”.

    I don’t know (yet) how to run it from within Code, so on the command line I can test it by doing …

    Article Sources:

    Microsoft Visual Studio Help

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