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GitLab, App Service & CI/CD – Variant 1

[Updates] 2020-11-29 – reference terraform simple-appservice module 2020-11-29 – add small fix for GitLab CI script Since I spent way more time fighting with this I though I might write a proper recap and maybe help others to get started. I also set up a repository with example code which should (!) be a “pull-and-run” […]

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Databases with dokku

This is part 2 of a couple of blog posts about dokku, a amazing little Heroku clone. In the previous post I showed how to set up Dokku on a DigitalOcean droplet, and deployed a little hello-world container with a single git push. The reason why I wanted dokku thoug was the need of a […]

CICD Development Docker Infrastructure

Build your own PaaS with Dokku

I was looking for some “play” deployment method for a couple of things I want to try out. Most of them require a database. And it should be cheap, cause I don’t have any load on them and don’t earn any money, so I don’t want to spend basically no money if possible. The usual […]

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GitLab spot runners & Puppet

We are on AWS with GitLab. For ease of use, and because our build hosts degenerate for some reason (network issues), we decided to use spot instances with GitLab. The journey was all but easy. Here’s why. GitLab Runner configuration complaints First: The process To configure GitLab runner, you have to … install GitLab, write […]


CI/CD, the status quo

… is quickly summed up: Working. 🙂 So I am – naturally – a happy camper. Although, there are a couple of things I would like to change, which don’t scale or are in a state I’m not happy with for “v1.0” yet. Container data persistency Rancher does offer convoy, but I’m not sure it […]