Blog migration to Hugo

I am working on a blog migration to hugo. I have three main reasons for this. Reason one – backups. I really don’t like doing database and content backups. With git this is easy, I’m using it each day anyway. Reason two – code snippets. Inserting code in WordPress is a fudging pain. That is […]


install “legacy” brew on M1 apple silicon

I tried installing homebrew for about 3 days following the completely identical howto postings out there (i.e. “prefix with ‘arch -x86_64′”). Alas, it didn’t work: The other recommendation (run the whole terminal under Rosetta2, scroll down to “Running a special flavorĀ […]”) also did not work. What did finally work though was changing my login shell […]

CICD Cloud Infrastructure

GitLab, App Service & CI/CD – Variant 1

[Updates] 2020-11-29 – reference terraform simple-appservice module 2020-11-29 – add small fix for GitLab CI script Since I spent way more time fighting with this I though I might write a proper recap and maybe help others to get started. I also set up a repository with example code which should (!) be a “pull-and-run” […]


Azure App Service & Python, Part II

God I hate Microsoft. TL;DR – use “Basic” and “B1” as your app service SKUs. Anything “below” won’t work and you won’t know why. So, why I am again angry? Cause I want to deploy an app service, using terraform. Sounds soooooooooo simple, right? Except I fail at the creation of the app service (even […]

Cloud Infrastructure

Azure App Service & Python, Part I

A.k.a. “you’ve got to be fucking kidding me”. Azure App Service sucks, as basically any part of Azure. What’s surprising this time is that terraform actually contributes to the sucking on this occasion – usually the Hashi folks do a very good job at reducing the annoyance. But maybe they’ve given up, I wouldn’t blame […]


Install flutter on MacOS

I blog so I don’t forget … this: First, the non-CLI actions: install XCode from the App Store install Flutter plugin for Visual Studio Code (if you haven’t installed VS Code, do it now, you can also use “brew” for that) download the latest Flutter SDK, unzip it, and move the unzipped flutter/ folder to […]


Bluetooth Headsets

I’ve had a few now. Still do. Here’s a review. Bose QuietComfort QC 35 II The best one, hands down. I still try to move away. Why? Several reasons. Bluetooth Connectivity. I had situations where I could barely move 2m away from the laptop until people started complaining. Line-of-sight, that is. Not 2m of concrete […]


Homebrew, OpenSSL and PowerShell

On Mac, PowerShell really, really wants to specifically use OpenSSL version 1.0. Unfortunately, homebrew switched to OpenSSL version 1.1 in v2.2, because OpenSSL 1.0 is end-of-life. This fixes it (for now at least): brew uninstall openssl –ignore-dependencies brew uninstall openssl –ignore-dependencies brew install References: My comment on GitHub

Linux Snippets

Ubuntu update procedure

Brain dump. # from here: apt-get update && apt-get –with-new-pkgs upgrade # restart reboot # do it again apt-get update && apt-get –with-new-pkgs upgrade # remove shit apt autoremove # # UPGRADE # do-release-upgrade # done.  

General things

Coding fonts

This is a list of popular coding fonts. My personal favorites are marked in bold. As for “why” … Consolas and Menlo are just super smooth. Right weight / height / spacing / proportions. You can “just work” with them and it’s never wrong. At the moment I think JetBrains Mono is just this tiny […]