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GitLab, App Service & CI/CD – Variant 1

[Updates] 2020-11-29 – reference terraform simple-appservice module 2020-11-29 – add small fix for GitLab CI script Since I spent way more time fighting with this I though I might write a proper recap and maybe help others to get started. I also set up a repository with example code which should (!) be a “pull-and-run” […]


Azure App Service & Python, Part II

God I hate Microsoft. TL;DR – use “Basic” and “B1” as your app service SKUs. Anything “below” won’t work and you won’t know why. So, why I am again angry? Cause I want to deploy an app service, using terraform. Sounds soooooooooo simple, right? Except I fail at the creation of the app service (even […]

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Azure App Service & Python, Part I

A.k.a. “you’ve got to be fucking kidding me”. Azure App Service sucks, as basically any part of Azure. What’s surprising this time is that terraform actually contributes to the sucking on this occasion – usually the Hashi folks do a very good job at reducing the annoyance. But maybe they’ve given up, I wouldn’t blame […]