Linux Snippets

Ubuntu update procedure

Brain dump. # from here: apt-get update && apt-get –with-new-pkgs upgrade # restart reboot # do it again apt-get update && apt-get –with-new-pkgs upgrade # remove shit apt autoremove # # UPGRADE # do-release-upgrade # done.  

General things

Coding fonts

This is a list of popular coding fonts. My personal favorites are marked in bold. As for “why” … Consolas and Menlo are just super smooth. Right weight / height / spacing / proportions. You can “just work” with them and it’s never wrong. At the moment I think JetBrains Mono is just this tiny […]

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nextcloud and Docker and reverse proxies

I have a nextcloud setup like described here (docker-compose, let’s encrypt proxy companion, postgres and nextcloud). And for a while I couldn’t connect any new nextcloud clients to the installation. This fixed it: <?php $CONFIG = array ( # manually added because it’s not picked up from # the env vars once set … it […]


FritzBox, Unify Security Gateway, and router replacements

My respect for network changes went up two or three … hundred notches. What happened. At my mother’s place, there was a German FritzBox, which handles a VPN between my place and hers, phone lines, the doorbell, WiFi, DHCP, and maybe even more. Now we rent our parts of our house with AirBnB, and those […]


A more peaceful rant about Java & Camel

I did it. I feel like I survived something, like I am on the path on enlightenment (and it feels like raising the foot for the first step in a yourney which I know to be several AEs long). Anyway, I’m kinda happy. What did I do? I succeeded to write this Java code using […]


A big fucking rant about Java

Well, I’m back to writing Java. It was supposed to be simple – an Apache Camel .jar file which just reads the route definitions from a nearby *.XML file in the same directory. So it can be re-used, because we have a couple of dead simple use cases which just require a Camel runtime and […]