CICD Puppet Snippets

GitLab spot runners & Puppet

We are on AWS with GitLab. For ease of use, and because our build hosts degenerate for some reason (network issues), we decided to use spot instances with GitLab. The journey was all but easy. Here’s why. GitLab Runner configuration complaints First: The process To configure GitLab runner, you have to … install GitLab, write […]


Mac three finger gestures in browsers

Well, I *love* my three-finger-jump-to-top gesture in Firefox. It was gone. It took me about 2h to get it back by googling. And I blog so I don’t forget. Here’s where I should look next time straight away: System setting – Trackpad – rightmost tab – first setting.


Arch followup actions

Once you’ve installed Arch Linux, a couple of things are … nice. Packages # standard ack cups dnsmasq git gnome-extra NetworkManager network-manager-applet ripgrep vim zsh # yaourt firefox-beta-bin ttf-ms-win10 visual-studio-code-bin   Configurations For network manager, I prefer dnsmasq as the tool of choice, especially when using VPN connections: [Main] dns=dnsmasq Enable services # enable systemctl […]


Python & Visual Studio code

The official python plugin claims that the interpreters of Pipenv are automatically found. They are not. At least not on my machine. Here’s how you set them.